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In this series of blog posts, we will be showcasing some of our TechLadies Core Team volunteers for 2021.

Introduction of Yourself:

I’m Andrew and I am a self-taught software developer. Graduated with a degree in Chemistry and didn’t want to be stuck in the lab 24-7. Through a series of startups, I learnt how to create applications and also how to run businesses. I have varied interests and can pick things up quickly. One of my current hobbies is growing vegetables and other edibles at a half-way house.

What is your role at Techladies and Why Did you Decide to Volunteer?

I will be one of the Bootcamp Tech Co-leads for 2021 doing up the curriculum. I would like to see more people thrive in the industry. Worked with a few really good lady developers and hoping to see them better represented.

Day of Work in Life

I’m the CTO of Straits Interactive where I create privacy related tools that help companies stay compliant with the different regulations. I also freelance on the side working on interesting projects to keep abreast of latest tech trends and gain deeper understanding of how different industries and business models work. My job has taken me all the way to Africa where I did a company registration system for the Data Protection Commission of Ghana.


I’m working towards having enough money to start my own social-entrepreneurship fund that works with the poor in third-world countries to create simple programs that have meaningful impact.

One Tip for New Techladies / Interested in coming into Tech

Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and take on things that you may not know as that’s one of the best ways to accelerate your growth. There are so many readily available resources like tutorials and mentors out there which can help you with any of your issues. Over the years I’ve done different projects where I didn’t have the requisite skills but learnt so much through the process of doing them.

Motivational Quote

 “Do or do not there is no try”. The tech journey can be really tough but I’m now reaping the rewards of sticking it out and not giving up.

Person you Admire Most

No one in particular but I do admire people who make the most of their limited resources to create something beautiful. One really poignant example is The Landfill Harmonic Orchestra which used trash to make musical instruments and went on to perform worldwide.

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