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In this series of blog posts, we will be showcasing some of our TechLadies Core Team volunteers for 2021.

Introduction of Yourself:

I’m Chor Yi, currently working as a Product Manager at Advocado, building digital products to help small & medium enterprises to understand, retain & engage their customers. 

Outside of work, I spend my time between volunteering for causes I am passionate about, finding good food and also sports & fitness. 

What is your role at Techladies and Why Did you Decide to Volunteer?

I am currently in my 2nd year of volunteering with TechLadies. Currently, I am working in the events team, helping to build out the events calendar for TechLadies and supporting any other events by the rest of the core team. 

Previously, I was part of the mentorship team to build and roll out the mentorship program for participants. 

I decided to join TechLadies after coming back from an overseas stint where I benefit from engaging with female peers and mentors. It was then where I wanted to be part of a community that supported women who would want to join or are starting out in the Tech industry. 

Day of Work in Life

I work as a Product Manager, working with engineers, designers as well as our users & clients to build digital products. Advocado is a cloud loyalty and customer relationship management software that helps small and medium enterprises to understand, engage & retain their customers. 

My work day varies from day to day depending on which stage of development we are in. However, I split my time between meeting our merchants who use our software to understand their needs and feedback from our software, my development team whom I work with daily to build out our suite of products, the customer success team who work closely with our merchants to ensure that they are able to fully utilize our solutions for their operations & business, potential partners or collaborators to understand how we can expand our offerings to our merchants and other stakeholders who impact the product roadmap. 

I will also spend time thinking about the trends within our industry and what are the changing needs of consumers & merchants in order to provide an updated and relevant digital offering. 


I am working towards becoming a freelance product manager eventually. I’m still building up my skills to make sure that I’d be relevant and applicable across different industries and products that are in different stages. 

One Tip for New Techladies / Interested in coming into Tech

Reach out! People are very happy to share their experience and advice so you might never know who would respond to you and help you out in your journey! 

Motivational Quote

Not so much a quote person. But I am a strong believer of just asking and having nothing to lose. I tend to put a lot of restrictions on myself but I’ve come to realize that sometimes it is about taking that first step of courage to ask for something you want and there’s essentially nothing to lose. 

Person you Admire Most

Not a particular person per se. But I admire all the women who juggle multiple roles as a mother, a wife, a sister, an employee, a boss and a colleague amongst many other roles. From a friend who recently became a mother, I could see the different demands that she has to manage, from both the environment around her and herself. I admire the fact that these women try to see themselves through all these challenges and that they are such strong individuals. 

How Can we Connect With you

You can reach out to me via my LinkedIn profile –, drop me a DM and I’d be happy to connect with you privately.